Big Muddy's is proud to be located in a building selected for the National Register of Historic Places.

Built as a freight house in 1898 by the Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Railroad, the building has been more commonly know as "the old Rock Island freight house." Symbolizing Burlington's railroad and transportation heritage, it is the only substantial building of Victorian character directly on the river front today. In earlier years, both riverboats and other railroads used the freight house as a transfer point to send cargo as far north as Minneapolis, as far south as St. Louis and to many other points throughout the United States.

2012-03-169512.05.32.jpgThe first flood was in 1993 and the second in 2008. The River rose to unprecedented levels as volunteers, staff and the owners proudly tried to keep the waters from destroying a building that had been left abandoned so many years ago. In determination and spirit the building has been restored in the battle against the River. This restoration received a community award allowing customers to see the architecture wonders of the site.